Iris offers Industries and companies, SMEs and micro-SMEs from Navarra, a catalog of services with the aim of accelerating their digital transformation.

Icono de experimentación y ensayo

 Test Before Invest

Offer of digitization and innovation services through strategic advice, solutions and technological capabilities, redirecting to specific technological and information nodes and providing testing and experimentation infrastructures.

  • Digital transformation (DT) diagnosis & roadmaps
  • Testing & experimentation with DT enabling technologies
  • Support services for the implementation and customization of digital solutions
  • Iris Lab Infrastructures
  • Tailored technological assessments
  • New products development

Experimentation equipment

ACAN Demonstrators 3D printing, autonomous vehicle, Cobots, AI, neural networks, contactless, RFID, Bigdata, virtual reality, etc.
AIN Data Science Workstation Advanced programming techniques to solve complex problems (Open Frameworks, GPU programming…)
AIN Data Science Workstation Evaluation of the results of the application of artificial intelligence
AIN Workstation for data generation Salt spray test cabinet
AIN Workstation for data generation UMT TRIBOLAB
AIN Workstation for data generation Optical analysis PERKIN ELMER UV-VIS-NIR; incl FTIR
AIN Workstation for data generation Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Station
AIN Solar Photovoltaic Laboratory – IoT (Shared facilities with STI NORLAND available from April 2023) Photovoltaic trackers, inverters and precision sensors
DINABIDE Additive manufacturing Various printers (polymer and metal laser printers)
DINABIDE Augmented reality glasses Augmented reality
DINABIDE Collaborative robotic arm Collaborative robotics technology
DINABIDE Hand scanner 3D Design
INTIA Experimental farm Production trials (livestock and agriculture) and conservation farms
INTIA Agroasesor Platform GIS platform for advice at the farm parcel level
INTIA Agroasesor Platform Technological service platform
NASERTIC Telecommunications Centres with connectivity Technologies requiring data transmission supported by Telecommunications Centres
NASERTIC LoRaWAN Gateways and Network Server + Application Server IoT over LoRaWAN network
NASERTIC Fibre optic infrastructure Fibre optic communications and sensor technology
NASERTIC Virtualisation infrastructure hosted in DPCs Any technology requiring servers
NASERTIC Massive sequencing laboratory Any omics technology that requires the production of massive sequencing data
NASERTIC Bioinformatics processing and analysis infrastructure Any omics technology requiring bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data
NASERTIC Supercomputing Cluster Any technology requiring high computational power on Intel technology
NASERTIC Supercomputing Cluster Any technology requiring high computational power in Power 9 + GPU technology
UPNA Computing Cluster HPC, IA
UPNA Cloud-IoT Lab IoT, Cloud Computing
UPNA Interactive labs Virtual and augmented reality, man-machine interaction
UPNA ISO7 Clean Room Micro/nano manufacturing
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Talent Training & Outreach

Attracting talent and training activities to increase the level of skills of professional profiles in digital technologies and their applications.

  • Sectorial training needs surveys & reports
  • Enabling technologies workshops
  • Digital transformation workshops
  • Tailored trainings
  • Field visits to industries for demonstrations and use cases
  • Digitalization dissemination conferences
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Support to find investments

Advice on public and private financing for investment and innovation projects in digital technologies.

  • Funding information & alerts virtual platform
  • Funding roadmap assessment
  • Support for the creation of consortiums and International Collaborations
  • Seamless services with EEN Nodes services
  • Funding needs reports and dissemination of funding instruments
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Innovation Ecosystem Building & Networking

Actions to support entrepreneurship and promotion of collaboration initiatives and participation in innovation projects.

  • Support for digital entrepreneurship
  • Startups-Consolidated Corporations collaborations
  • Technological Prospection and Alert Services on Digital Technologies
  • Technological challenges and Co-creation
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Precision Personalized Medicine (PPM) towards digitization

Sequencing, supercomputing and data storage services for public and private entities, through the development of initiatives and actions that contribute to achieving the objectives of the Precision Personalized Medicine strategy.

  • Medical records standardization systems
  • Data science, Big Data and AI for medical records
  • Sequencing, supercomputing and data storage services
  • MPP events and training sessions